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October 2011
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April 2012
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  • CSPANwonk
    Hugh income disparities create instability in every country. When it is perceived as not fair it is even worse. Why do sports players get paid hugh amounts but teachers get so little? What is our priorities? We talk about our children then housing and feeding them once born is totally neglected. Is all this just a talking point or do people just not think things through?
    December 2011
    • Loana
      "Why do sports players get paid hugh amounts but teachers get so little?"
      It's about what our society really values... We are sending a message to our children: important is what sells! We made sports players like icons that represent success, someone to imitate - then people want to use the same products that they use, want to be like them... That makes the gear works well in the consumer society!
      At the same time, usually in school a good performance in sports became more valued than academic performance...
      January 2012
    • CSPANwonk
      Sad comment on what we as society value. I do see some things starting to influence that with race to the top, scandles, etc. It would be nice to break the media influence that seems to fill people with selfish desires as I am sure is designed by corporate America. Some of us know and probably more than we are aware.
      January 2012
  • JonathanMFeldman
    I have posted something. I still don't know if anyone reads this stuff or it has any impact whatsoever. The OWS culture that I have observed seems very polite, which is a vast improvement over sectarianism, but there is this kind of swarmy quality to the whole thing. I don't usually use that word and had to check it's meaning:
    smarm·y/ˈsmärmē/Adjective: Ingratiating and wheedling in a way that is perceived as insincere or excessive; unctuous.

    I think the local work groups don't have this quality. But look, how can you have a general strike in Oakland and not demand community control of the police? I find that weird. Very weird. And how come I can't get a piece published making this point in the left? There is a whole lock out of ideas. I am working with some people to take up the sixfold agenda. So, if you are interested, send me an email. Thanks.
    November 2011
  • JonathanMFeldman
    JonathanMFeldman Here is a bunch or stuff (don't mean to engage in overkill, etc.). Regards, JF
    October 2011
  • irangirl
    speaking with my brave frinds is pride of me
    October 2011
  • admin
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    October 2011