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October 2011
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December 2013
Please refrain from copy and pasting messages over and over and over, or you will be removed from the forum. We all have input to make so let's keep this at a discussion and not a text block of commercials. Here are some helpful guidelines for good discussion and debate recommended by one of our members:

  • * Stay on topic
  • * Be clear
  • * Build upon your points and address those of other people
  • * Refrain from making assumptions about others' unstated views
  • * If you disagree with somebody, do so politely
  • * Clarify your terms and seek to understand others' (but avoid semantic derails)
Note: The opinions expressed by the moderators and members of this discussion board do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Occupy Together or Occupy Wall St. In the spirit of free information, open discussion, and the freedom of expression, members are able to speak about issues relating and directly pertaining to the Occupy movement. You will be banned for hate speech or intentional misinformation and please refrain from any violent rhetoric; this is a peaceful movement. Thank you.


  • CSPANwonk
    Thanks MysticBard. I am new here and appreciate positive affirmations. I have felt alone in my beliefs or suspicions for so long it is nice to have others to talk to. After this post I read on another strand about the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and did some research which seems to take the documentary another step. I can only hope the informatioan about financial and human equity they speak of is coming. I had a metaphysical healing after I had cancer which changed me. I gave up all anger and was filled with peace I had never had. I get frustrated so often at not being able to know others who I can talk to as I know I mess up a ton myself. Thank goodness for this movement and I hope they keep in mind forgiveness and peace/prosperty for all as the end game for social consiousness. If we don't have ethics and love for each other as people this movement will wither which is what the power brokers want. Anyway, I ramble but it is so nice to get appreciation and I want you to know it is great
    January 2012
  • MysticBard
    Just wanted you know I appreciate your input here hoping you and yours are having good holidays.
    December 2011
  • marchelo
    marchelo changed his profile picture.
    November 2011
  • marchelo
    marchelo changed his profile picture.
    October 2011
  • slave
    Hi marchelo, I left you a message on the discussion board
    regarding dolphin. I think the guy is feeding of the attention he gets and I do not believe for a moment that he is true liberterian, republican constitutionalist patriot as he claims. He seems like either an angry bigot with a chip on his shoulders or worse an outright saboteur trying to turn one side against another (i.e., the liberterians against the reformist liberals and anti-establishment progressives, etc.). I suggest that we continue our discussions on the boards totally ignoring him and any messages he may post (likely continuing to be voluminous, thoughtless, derogatory indicative of his agenda) - similar to treating a 2 year old. We have to learn from such situations as we learn to build the movement, fending off such attacks and more serious ones. If agreed please spread the word.
    October 2011
  • admin
    admin approved marchelo's membership application.
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    October 2011