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February 2012
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September 2012
Please refrain from copy and pasting messages over and over and over, or you will be removed from the forum. We all have input to make so let's keep this at a discussion and not a text block of commercials. Here are some helpful guidelines for good discussion and debate recommended by one of our members:

  • * Stay on topic
  • * Be clear
  • * Build upon your points and address those of other people
  • * Refrain from making assumptions about others' unstated views
  • * If you disagree with somebody, do so politely
  • * Clarify your terms and seek to understand others' (but avoid semantic derails)
Note: The opinions expressed by the moderators and members of this discussion board do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Occupy Together or Occupy Wall St. In the spirit of free information, open discussion, and the freedom of expression, members are able to speak about issues relating and directly pertaining to the Occupy movement. You will be banned for hate speech or intentional misinformation and please refrain from any violent rhetoric; this is a peaceful movement. Thank you.


"This should be the largest rally against nukes in decades.
Come hop on the bus." - OWS Environmental Solidarity


Occupy the Nukes
Friday, September 21 at 9:00am in EDT at Union Square

Occupy Wall Street Environmental Solidarity, in cahoots with our friends at Shut Down Indian Point Now!, will be riding to Washington on Friday September 21 to Occupy the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Our message is simple, No Nukes, Renewable Energy for the 99% Now. Our bus will be departing from Union Square at 9am on Friday. Call in sick or tell your personal Mr. Burns you've gone to take a stand against the nuclear industrial complex. Please RSVP to this address: and please provide your phone #.
For more info on where we're headed check out: