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December 2011
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April 2012
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  • Thanks MysticBard. I am new here and appreciate positive affirmations. I have felt alone in my beliefs or suspicions for so long it is nice to have others to talk to. After this post I read on another strand about the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and did some research which seems to take the documentary another step. I can only hope the informatioan about financial and human equity they speak of is coming. I had a metaphysical healing after I had cancer which changed me. I gave up all anger and was filled with peace I had never had. I get frustrated so often at not being able to know others who I can talk to as I know I mess up a ton myself. Thank goodness for this movement and I hope they keep in mind forgiveness and peace/prosperty for all as the end game for social consiousness. If we don't have ethics and love for each other as people this movement will wither which is what the power brokers want. Anyway, I ramble but it is so nice to get appreciation and I want you to know it is great
    January 2012
  • I work with mentally ill in probation/parole settings. We ruin more lives and spend 10 times the amount of money on putting mentally ill in prison-rate of about 40% as prisons don't identify nearly all the mentally ill while community services are cut. Instead of working with people to stay out of prison we warehouse people.
    January 2012
  • Hugh income disparities create instability in every country. When it is perceived as not fair it is even worse. Why do sports players get paid hugh amounts but teachers get so little? What is our priorities? We talk about our children then housing and feeding them once born is totally neglected. Is all this just a talking point or do people just not think things through?
    December 2011
    • Loana
      "Why do sports players get paid hugh amounts but teachers get so little?"
      It's about what our society really values... We are sending a message to our children: important is what sells! We made sports players like icons that represent success, someone to imitate - then people want to use the same products that they use, want to be like them... That makes the gear works well in the consumer society!
      At the same time, usually in school a good performance in sports became more valued than academic performance...
      January 2012
    • CSPANwonk
      Sad comment on what we as society value. I do see some things starting to influence that with race to the top, scandles, etc. It would be nice to break the media influence that seems to fill people with selfish desires as I am sure is designed by corporate America. Some of us know and probably more than we are aware.
      January 2012
  • When growing up my dad had a decent income and stability for life with his company. Wages at the top were 10 times those of normal workers. All did well. Starting with trickle down our country has been gutted of the middle class. Without regulations of corporations we have a rule by the few and in the end no one does well. We also no longer talk to each other but at each other. We all have different lead communication styles and are not taught that in school. Most people learn by seeing or hearing but about 1/3 get their truth by doing/feeling. In the past those people were the artisans, creators or factory workers. As factories disappeared so did opportunities to move up. We don't realize that the way we communicate also relates how we think and how we see the world. The vast majority of people who get alienated are the doing/feeling learners. A great teacher teaches to that group, making learning fun and participatory and everyone learns. They instinctively know how to do this.
    December 2011
  • CSPANwonk
    Fixing our government-I work for State Govt and do a great job despite the bureauracy. We can provide great services by giving incentives to people to do their jobs and get management out of the way. Agencies need to partner as teams to provide services to those in need and ask people what they need to succeed in whatever goals they have. Quit putting people into boxes. One of the worst institutions are prisons. Prisons cost hugh amts of money and are housing the mentally ill and non-violent people which can be successful in the community at 1/10th the cost. By using money effectively we would save money. Also, we need to get private so-called non-profits out of the mix as they are scamming us all. At the very least they should be paid based on performance and not day by day but by long term outcomes. For example quit paying to provide ineffectual programs that don't achieve long term success. We have to start thinking outside the box, asking what works so we will have a safety net.
    December 2011
  • MundusVultDecipi
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    December 2011