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October 2011
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April 2012
Please refrain from copy and pasting messages over and over and over, or you will be removed from the forum. We all have input to make so let's keep this at a discussion and not a text block of commercials. Here are some helpful guidelines for good discussion and debate recommended by one of our members:

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  • MysticBard
    Thank You hope everything there is going well for you.
    April 2012
  • CSPANwonk
    When growing up my dad had a decent income and stability for life with his company. Wages at the top were 10 times those of normal workers. All did well. Starting with trickle down our country has been gutted of the middle class. Without regulations of corporations we have a rule by the few and in the end no one does well. We also no longer talk to each other but at each other. We all have different lead communication styles and are not taught that in school. Most people learn by seeing or hearing but about 1/3 get their truth by doing/feeling. In the past those people were the artisans, creators or factory workers. As factories disappeared so did opportunities to move up. We don't realize that the way we communicate also relates how we think and how we see the world. The vast majority of people who get alienated are the doing/feeling learners. A great teacher teaches to that group, making learning fun and participatory and everyone learns. They instinctively know how to do this.
    December 2011
  • sharon
    I think the need to have multiple communication paths that cannot be easily shut down is important. Where would Occupy be now without the internet? Unfortunately, it is possible to shut down this if worse comes to worse. We still have snail mail, independent printing, transportation by vehicles of various sorts, telephone. I am thinking about rural people who do not want to be cut off from the movement. Perhaps community radio could also be used?
    December 2011
  • admin
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    October 2011