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  • gavemehope October 2011 +1 -1
    It is important to remind people to stay, nonviolent to keep your message positive, and not provoke the police.

    They will try to bait you into violence. They want you to be violent. The want you to be belligerent.

    Do not do this. Do not associate with people in any of the protest that do.

    Denounce them, distance your self from them, and make sure it is seen and recorded you are doing so.

    If you become violent, that will first be all over the media. You will hurt this movement.

    You will give the police who are being forced to do this, a reason to find justification in doing so.

    You will give them a reason to use even more force.

    They will use this to pass more laws to do so.

    This is the plan of those who are ordering the police to do these things.

    This is the plan of those who give the money to have this done.

    We have seen horrible things from last night. If you give in now to violence those things will not be in our favor.

    You will put the favor in the hands of those who did this. Do not!

    Those feelings of anger are valid, and justly founded, but Do not!

    We must remind each other of these reasons often so not to have anger cloud decisions.

    Any decision to to return anger, or violence is a grave mistake for the reasons listed above.

    Please stay totally peaceful, remind each other often why.

  • skoalbiteskoalbite October 2011 +1 -1
    As long as we stay non-violent in the face of their aggression our movement grows. We go down the wrong path and they will paint us into a corner with propaganda.
  • gavemehope October 2011 +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    Just another reminder to remind everyone of this. The protest must stay peaceful, do not use the reasoning that you have the right to defend yourself even. That will only be twisted by anger of protesters to encourage the one thing that can't happen violence and aggression in the name of this movement.

    It will also been seen as aggression and I will refer you to the above statements. Anger will only hurt this, but I know many have it for with just cause and good reason. It will be our defeat unless we evolve past the idea that giving it back will help right now.

    We must take this anger and focus it into resolve. To strengthen the resolve that we will not let this trick us to where they want to take, but to take that anger and strengthen the resolve in what will take this where we want it.

    Resolve to peaceful sacrifice to inspire others to make this cause grow stronger, so that the hate and violence they throw at us is consumed, and digested, and turned into strength.

    If you keep this path they can't win, they can only make us stronger. If we resolve to remain peaceful. So once again DO NOT, fall into their trap, because that is all it is.
    Have another look over and remind everyone.

    Agrees: BrightestEye

  • FullDemocracy October 2011 +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    I think Michael Moore summed it up nicely on the CNN Piers Morgan show last night when he said the OWS is a peaceful movement; it is the police who are rioting.

    Agrees: BrightestEye

  • FullDemocracy October 2011 +1 -1
    They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. So I occasionally check on what Glen Beck is up to.

    I don't ever agree with anything he says. But I do have to admit this video he was making fun of was funny (and a little sad):
  • marchelomarchelo October 2011 +1 -1
    Don't forget for one second that we are protesting the ruling class of the world superpower.
    We can not win if it comes to violence. They have the best weapons and just need an excuse to use them.

    Unless the military comes out in support of the Movement (OccupyMarines is encouraging) our best chance of revolution is through peaceful protest. We must continue building support until critical mass is reached, at which point all the weapons in the world couldn't stop us.
  • PlatoPlato October 2011 +1 -1 (+0 / -2 )
    OWS Protester threatened to stab a local FOX 5 news reporter at their rally yesterday.


    Disagrees: gavemehope, BrightestEye