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Albany, NY
  • da_banks September 2011 +1 -1
    As the capital of New York State Albany sits as the quiet, out-of-the-way puppet master. We need to draw attention to it, and we need to make an explicit connection to our sisters and brothers occupying Wall Street.
    Also, you have to admit Empire Plaza is the perfect place for a demonstration.

  • PoppaWheelie September 2011 +1 -1
    yo! i am in. going to NYC till sunday but glad to help once i return.
  • roylemons September 2011 +1 -1
    agreed, however Empire Plaza isn't visible. my suggestion would be State and Pearl (the business district) or the Capitol lawn (or maybe the park across Washington from the Capitol with the Vietnam memorial). Food not Bombs would be happy to supply as much food as we could manage to the event.
  • SometimesTheFur September 2011 +1 -1
    A note to remember is that Zuccotti Park near Wall St. is a private park where the owner has allowed the group to stay. This is a partial reason why the occupation could be so close to Wall St and thus so impactive. I would like to know of some private land (park) owners near the capital building that would be willing to commit to the same generous action.

    Edit: I too am going to Wall St on Sunday, and planning to be back in Cap City Thursday.
  • ghostie September 2011 +1 -1
    Perhaps you can help me figure out where to look - we're trying to organize a local Occupy protest up here in Oswego, but can't find any info on laws. We've been told by City Hall that we can picket, but must keep moving, and cannot set up anything stationary, nor can we do this in a park. Is there a link that I've missed where I can find such information?