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  • janet304 October 2011 +1 -1
    I want to be a participant going forward, the time is now, if not when? When our lands have been stripped of all it's resources thanks to oil co's, waters poisoned already everywhere they go, soil can no longer be used to grow anything accept poison.
    We just can't allow them to derail our enthusiasm & rights. Marines made me proud today, along with those armymen coming to march with us, to stand in front of the bully police with their mace guns. Sweet!
    Please people let's come together and protect the less fortunate, seniors, all americans! Make the banks do the right thing!
    Prosecute the ones responsible in 2008 crash. We have so much at stake today, we've lost so much because of their greed.
    Corrupt politicians need to exit now, new, fresh blood is needed. Congress works for the corp.'s, not us. STOP!!!!
    Trillions to other countries, while our own starve to death or freeze to death. no more..Our only chance is to come together.