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Single day labor strike
  • ATMJr October 2011 +1 -1
    Since some labor unions have begun to back OWS, I believe that they can have an important role in bringing awareness to certain aspects of dissatisfaction. My ideas is of a repeating single day strike at certain companies (to be determined). I suggest a strike or walk-out once a week or once a month--whatever seems the most practical. The point is to prove that the workers (the people) are the producers and not the companies. A single day loss of production can expose just how important the people are and that the income disparity between employees and executives is unwarranted. I would suggest companies that had a more integral part in the economic collapse and that have greater disparities, such as: banking institutions and companies like GM. I would like to hear other people's ideas about this since I am not as informed as I'd like to be.