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We Need to Change Their Perspective
  • bzchaet October 2011 +1 -1
    It is the very basic nature of competition that while someone holds the title of winner, a loser must also exist. For some reason America has forgotten this very basic concept. I have watched as the abolishment of competition in our youth has set the table for future generations to wander aimlessly though life without the ideal that hard work and perseverance is the one way to achieve the American dream. Without competition our country has replaced winners with delegated leaders filled with complacency who don't understand what it takes to truly be victorious. However, I am far more disturbed that without competition our world no longer births losers. Losers are what make the American dream so very precious. Without failure we would have no reason to improve, no reason to pursue the other side of the coin, and no reason to appreciate the risk of continually fighting against all odds to keep our indomitable flame from extinguishing. Those who believe that creating competition is the answer need to continue to challenge everything around you. Challenge your children. Challenge your co-workers. Challenge the system. Challenge yourself. Without competition we remain stagnant as a society and I am very comfortable admitting that stagnancy may as well be regression for those interested in fighting to place the power of this country back in the hands of the people.

    So here we are. Millions of fingers point in all directions, billions around the world remain confused, and not only do we not have an answer but we aren't exactly sure what the question is. Let us as Americans search long and hard for the questions so that we know exactly what answers we will be demanding. I implore each and every American to first look in the mirror and ensure that you are ready to bring your competitive spirit to the system's front door because I can guarantee, whether we are willing to admit or not, that we will be facing nothing but winners who won't accept defeat easily. Be willing to admit that we as the American public have made critical errors which have left us open for attack from predators but at the same time that we will be attacked no longer. Be willing to make sacrifices and concessions by adjusting what you perceive to be the American dream so that future generations may have the same opportunity that we've been given by previous generations. Be willing to be counted on in our time of need by your fellow Americans. Just keep in mind that it is ok to lose. Remember that the greatest winners in history have lost over and over. Remember that the more we lose, the sweeter it will taste when our unstoppable force pushes their immovable object out of the way. Finally, the most important thing to remember is that as long as we vow to never stop fighting...we will never truly lose. This country was founded by the people and it isn't a long shot nor selfish nor crazy to demand that the power returns to it's rightful owner.