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Listen to BlogTalkRadio Interview of Author Robert Sheppard, On His New OWS Novel Spiritus Mundi
  • Invitation to Listen to BlogTalkRadio Interview of Author Robert Sheppard, On His New Occupy Wall Street Novel, Spiritus Mundi, Aug. 1, 10 AM PST

    All are welcome to listen in on the Internet to the scheduled Interview of well-known author Robert Sheppard by Host Robert (Bob) Rose, discussing Sheppard's global epic Occupy Wall Street/World War III/United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Novel, Spiritus Mundi. Tune in Aug.1 at BlogTalkRadio:

    “Robert Sheppard's new novel “Spiritus Mundi” is a new twist on a well-loved genre. Robert leaves no stone unturned in this compelling page turner you’ll experience mystery, suspense, thrills, and excitement. Robert touches on sexuality and spirituality in such a way that the reader is compelled to ask themselves “what would you do if faced with these trials?” Robert is a master at taking the reader out of their own lives and into the world he created. If you’re looking for a “can’t put down” read pick up Spiritus Mundi!” May 20, 2012

    Nicole Breanne, Content Coordinator,

    “Read Robert Sheppard's sprawling, supple novel, Spiritus Mundi, an epic story of global intrigue and sexual and spiritual revelation. Compelling characters, wisdom insight, and beautiful depictions of locations all over the world will power you through the book. You'll exit wishing the story lines would go on and on.” May 13, 2012

    Robert McDowell, Editor, Writer, Marketer, Editorial Cra, The Nature of Words


    “Robert Sheppard's exciting new novel, Spiritus Mundi, is an unforgettable read and epic journey of high adventure and self-discovery across the scarred landscape of the modern world and into the mysteries beyond. Its compelling saga reveals the sexual and spiritual lives of struggling global protesters and idealists overcoming despair, nuclear terrorism, espionage and a threatened World War III to bring the world together from the brink of destruction with a revolutionary United Nations Parliamentary Assembly and spiritual rebirth. This modern epic is a must read and compelling vision of the future for all Citizens of the Modern World and a beacon of hope pointing us all towards a better world struggling against all odds to be born.” May 19, 2012

    Lara Biyuts, Reviewer and Blogger at and Revue Blanche

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    All the Best.

    Robert Sheppard
    Author, Spritus Mundi, Novel