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Occupy Concert Tour
  • PeaceDizzlePeaceDizzle January 2012 +1 -1
    I'm looking into talking to some bands that are in the Anonymous Occupy Movement. The bands will all be wearing Guy Fawkes masks and noone will know who you are except for by the music you play. If anyone has any contacts send me a message. I'm In T.Dot and am talking to the locals here for starting something. If you are a band that wants to be in the show it will be non-profit. Equipment will be brought in and rentals will be donated. Cover fee will be anything you can spare. Change, clothes, food (non-perishables preferably) and whatever else you may think would be useful for people while we occupy. This is still months down the road but I hope to have it ready by 4/20/2012
  • What about petitioning donations from the occupy members to cover providing a venue to some groups, in support of the movement? And everyone that shows up should do so with V masks and the like, not just forcing the bands to wear them? Its all a symbol, and with enough people, this is a good idea. What if we contacted groups like Rage against the machine? People to truly rock the vocals and the world. The concert would be a global effort, providing venues, and the major cities across the world would be the stages.