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The Powers of the Public Trust.
  • 100% of all Monies come from Bank Loans.

    Banks don't loan monies they have, they create the monies out of thin air, when we repay the loans the monies is Gone, "Temporary Monies"( The Powers of the Ment Temporum ).

    The trouble is Banks charge interest on all of these monies, and the interests they keep for themselves and the friends of the Bank, it's a sweet deal really, they loan us monies out of thin air, and then collect interest on nothing, getting rich beyond all compare.

    It's our monies, only GovernMENT has the powers to create and destroy monies, otherwise we have no Government. That's the case we have today, that's the Case we have had for the last Two Thousand Years, Our GovernANCE is a puppet whore to the Banks, it's ALL A SHOW, and the Banks are RUNNING THE SHOW!!!

    Bank Monies = Proof of Debt
    State Monies = Proof of State

    Nothing wrong with "Temporary Monies", they are a blessing to us, not the damnation of us, but it's who controls them and what they charge to use them.

    A State Bank( Living Bank) needs no Deposits, it needs no Capital, nor Shares, nor Bonds, or anything else other than, A COMPUTER, when the Citezan comes to the State Bank for a loan at no interests( The Citizan is the interests of the State), the monies are created out of thin air, right on the computer, when the loan is repaid the monies are Gone, JUST LIKE MAGIC!!!

    Why do the monies go away when they are repaid?

    It makes inflation if they don't, Man created Monies, monies did NOT CREATE Man, Monies is the Servant of Man, and like any good Servant, it goes AWAY when it is not needed.

    Don't worry, when it is needed, it will come back.

    We the People, the Citizan, we are the State, WHY SHOULD WE PAY INTERESTS TO USE OUR OWN MONIES?

    "Temporary Monies" are a form of TIME TRAVEL were ye in the past borrow form ye in the future.

    The Borrower is Servant to the lender, ye is Servant to ye.

    Ment = Monies
    Temporum = The Reckoning of Time.

    Ye must pay yeself back, it makes INFLATION if ye don't, and INFLATION is Ye STEALING from We.

    MONIES is a financial Asset, backed by a Financial Liability held by another Party, BUT THE ASSET DOES NOT NEED TO MATCH THE LIABILITY!!!!

    The Banks create 500% more Liability than they do Asset, this makes a "Money Shortage" where everyone is out chasing monies that do not exist to repay our Debts, this keeps wages low, and everyone must continue to Borrow from the Banks.

    Dear Children,

    This is the plain truth of it, we are all Bank Slaves, we have not known Freedom in this life, only Bankdom, and until we take the Money Powers Back from the Banks, we NEVER WILL.

    TiMe to CLEAR THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Mr. Banks:
    With tuppence for paper and strings
    You can have your own set of wings
    With your feet on the ground
    You're a bird in a flight
    With your fist holding tight
    To the string of your kite

    Oh, oh, oh!
    Let's go fly a kite
    Up to the highest height!
    Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
    Up through the atmosphere
    Up where the air is clear
    Oh, let's go fly a kite!

    When you send it flyin' up there
    All at once you're lighter than air
    You can dance on the breeze
    Over 'ouses and trees
    With your first 'olding tight
    To the string of your kite

    Oh, oh, oh!
    Let's go fly a kite
    Up to the highest height!
    Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
    Up through the atmosphere
    Up where the air is clear
    Let's go fly a kite!

  • If we would like to "Clear the Air" who better to do it "with" us than our Green Zar?

    Where is our Green Zar?

    Oh, that's right the Charlatan Beck Glen slew him, and he was cast asunder.

    Shall we then Raise him up?

    Raise up Lazarus, RAISE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If we can't raise Lazarus, we are sure as Heaven going to RAISE SOME CAIN!!!!!!!
  • vox populi
    epluribus unum
    sic semper tyrannis
    deo vindice

    United We Stand,
    Divided We Fall,
    It's all for one,
    And one for all,
    So say we all,
    So say we all.
  • Now when the hour draws late, and the armies of greed and deception have gathered at the Gates of free and civilized societies doth we dowse the candles and surrender the Cities of Light to the darkness, relegating ourselves to payer that they will not rape of wives and enslave our children, steal our properties and burn our crops?

    Ore doth we dawn the armor of faith, weld the shied of belief, and mount the steeds of righteousness?

    Do the Armies of free man hide behind the walls of anonymity and complacency, hopelessly sniping at an enemy hell bent on our destruction?

    Ore do we ride out and meet them head on, on the battlefield of ideas and ideals, under a united banner of truth?

    We few, we brave few.
  • To me the market provides the solution, however government exists to keep the playing field fair and honest, any sort of dishonest or unfair advantage in the market is fair game for government to dismantle. If government does not, government is not doing it's job.

    Also Government is part of the market, they can not be separated, but Government needs to stay in it's realm, of offing equal Justice, opportunity, and access for ALL.

    This does not preclude Government from inventing things needed by society, such as funding grants for R&D, but any patents derived from these works belong to the Public, until they expire.

    Government does not belong in the manufacturing business, or any other business for that matter.

    Nor should it be supporting price in any way, everything in life is risk, government is not offering risk free investment of any kind, but Government can and should soften the blow of a short term loss, to protect a long term gain, but it MUST PROTECT EQUALLY!!!!!

    Equal Access and Opportunity to any sort of "Program" for ALL.

    Let's say I get a Farm loan with no interests from the State Bank, and I grow Tomatoes, but so does everyone else, and the price of Tomatoes is low at the Market. I can't fully repay my loan and have any profits/benefits to live through the winter, so Government forgives some of my loan.

    The debt forgiveness would be a small inflation on everyone, but the price of Tomatoes being so low would help offset the inflation.

    This system, like any other can be abused, if I keep growing crops that don't yield profits and Government keeps forgiving my loans, so we need a check to the system, I suck at Farming, I need to learn to be a profitable Farmer and Compete in the Market, or learn to do something else.

    The State Bank is not going to keep giving me farm loans I can't pay back, the State is my servant, but like any good servant it is going to Protect me, even from myself. The State is also everyone Else's servant, so it must protect them too.

    So if a business is losing monies, but it's a result of lower prices for the people, then, I think, it would be ok for Government "Soften the Blow" by forgiving some debt, but it must be limited, we don't want unproductive businesses leaching of the General Public, that's really what is going on now.

    BUT this does not extend to Corporations, fuck Corporations, if they need a Public Loan from a Living Bank, they MUST SELL OUT TO THEIR EMPLOYEES and Unincorporated then they can have the loan, otherwise LET THEM FAIL!!!!!
  • MiddleGround January 2012 +1 -1
    President Obama adds more Wall Street again.... Another politician scumbag with his hands in the pockets of big business...

    We need to Occupy White House .....