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"What if....."
  • Sandcat7 December 2011 +1 -1
    What if we don't like ANY of the 2012 candidates?

    I mean - NONE of them? You want to vote out whoever's currently in office or in Congress, etc., but what good is it when they just pick MORE ignoramuses to take their place? That's what I see happening now. They're ALL part of the greater problem. They're ALL self-serving, greedy do-nothings.

    So imagine if the entire country held a "voting strike". (Yes, I know that could never happen... there will always be those who think the ignoramuses running for office are just fine). But imagine a scenario in which, somehow, the entire country of citizens decides to just boycott the entire election.

    What would happen if, on election day, NO ONE showed up at the polls? Not a single, solitary person? Do they have a contingency plan for that? What do you think they would do next? Schedule another election? Go on TV and chastise us? Call out the National Guard? Leave existing elected officials in office? Or just pick whoever THEY like, and appoint them? (Which - let's face it - is pretty much what they already do. Our votes don't really count for squat anymore, anyway - U.S. elections are pretty rigged.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd put that out there. It's what I wish we could do in 2012, because I don't see a single solitary person running for office who has any leadership qualities whatsoever, just their own personal desires for personal gain. What happens to the rest of us is not their concern
  • mugwort March 2012 +1 -1
    I am unclear whether you are advocating not voting because you don't like any politician or you're generally apolitical. By the latter one isn't interested in politics no matter what year it is. Interesting point of what if nobody voted. OTOH what is the good of the right to vote if there is no one worth voting for. Of course the worthiness of a candidate in whatever race is a matter of individual opinion. I really doubt nobody's going to go the polls. Interesting question. What leadership qualities are you looking for. Please define them. What might be leadership qualities may not be for somebody else.
  • gott5gott5 April 2012 +1 -1
    i hope you are successful in your strike. i'll vote conservative
  • MiddleGround September 2012 +1 -1
    The problem is that it is NOT realistic. Just like when most of the people show up on election day and some don't. The ones that don't show up could be the ones to swing the direction in close votes but they are not there to do it. The same would happen with a total election boycott. Where most of the voters would stay home, a small amount would show up and determine the election, leaving the whole at their voted leaders.

    In a way, it's kind of what happens anyway though. The Corporations and wealthy/greedy individuals 'buy' elections all over the country by promoting their candidate, one way or the other... slandering and defaming the other... to get their winner who will give in to their agenda ($).

    It's a sad state of affairs for the USA when we have to choose to vote for the 'lesser of two evils' and the 'most marketed' cadidate, when it is all smoke-n-mirrors and they are basically the same thing... same agenda's... paid for by Corporate America... and pawns. Democrat pawns and Republican pawns. I can't even get emotional anymore watching the dirt-slinging, pandering, slandering, name-calling in the news between the two candidates, because it's all based on: cash donated, their writers, their quick wit, regional bias to each, and like a bad movie.


    another option, that is impossible, like a total boycott of the election by everyone, is everyone showing up and NOT voting for the two pawns.... Obama and Romney.... and voting for someone NOT running for corporate America.... but that will never happen...