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  • MundusVultDecipiMundusVultDecipi November 2011 +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    I have a love/hate relationship with this social media platform. Unfortunately it is the best option out there right now because:
    A) Highest Membership
    B) Excellent Design
    C) Ease of Access

    I dread being a member only because of those pesky filters I've encountered. Anyone else have to fill out a 'security check captcha' when posting important info? Or sometimes they just won't allow you to post it. It just keeps asking you to 'try again.' I remember a time that this wasn't a problem on the website, why is the freedom of speech narrowing with time here? Restricting the flow of 'legal' information is becoming more and more normal nowadays.

    On #N17 I sent a message with some 'sensational' links to a friend on the Occupy Together team and a 'security check' popped up asking me to fill out the random selection of two words. Well the second word I had to type said "observed." I thought "What are the odds?" But I knew this wasn't coincidence because it was the first time I ever had to fill out a captcha to send a private message on Facebook.

    There was one situation I videotaped where Facebook literally gave me a blank captcha over and over when trying to post a link to a Nigerian forum exploring the atrocity of the Libyan 'humanitarian mission,' headed up by US/NATO, France, & England. I have heard whispers of a new activist social media platform being constructed. It may end up being called 'The Global Square'

    Anyways here is a story on Facebook censorship/monitoring. I figure this discussion could become a listserve for this topic.

    Three Ways Facebook is Censoring You

    Agrees: TheRielDeal

  • BrightestEyeBrightestEye November 2011 +1 -1
    I know Facebook will never admit to this but I am thinking Facebook also plays around with the "likes" button, sort of like "Vevo" on Youtube. I've noticed Occupy likes are decreasing with a fast rate, beyond odd. Mitt Romney polls increase by 10,000 in five minutes, it's extremely odd. Obama lingers near 24,000,000 even though there is a bunch of distaste for him.

    Facebook , I bet you, does fool with likes to make you feel like you are the only one for the cause, if you feel like you are the only one, you give up. Mark has sold out a loooooong way back. Oh what a tangled web (they) weave.

    But what can we expect, Facebook is the "machine".
  • MundusVultDecipiMundusVultDecipi November 2011 +1 -1
    Even the algorithms used to produce the newsfeed limits content.

    I also find it ironic that Yahoo would write such a great story on the topic when they too harvest data.
  • BrightestEyeBrightestEye November 2011 +1 -1 (+2 / -0 )
    Finger pointing to clean their image, after blocking Occupy in email and being exposed.
  • whitefeather November 2011 +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    I have a suspicion facebook also sends out requests for friendship when they think it might be someone you know.

    Agrees: BrightestEye

  • BrightestEyeBrightestEye November 2011 +1 -1 (+2 / -0 )

    I should boycott them for sending a request from my sister-in-law.