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President Obama Mic-Checked!
  • DurandusDurandus November 2011 +1 -1
  • gavemehope November 2011 +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    That is great, it is good to see courage from someone to do the right thing, and oh ya he got the message. Whoever took that picture has man my thanks, and gratitude. Now does he have any courage ? Speak up. He did say "that's not how it should be, not in America" I hope he wasn't just referring to the American Dream, cause right now you would have to be asleep to believe it. The only thing it takes for evil......... It will never be my lack of courage to speak up that allows evil to win, at least I can say that, and everyone else in this movement can say it too. Then there are those who take abuse in peaceful protest like the military grade pepper spray incident, and gettting arrested and Scott, and the 84 yr old, and the veteran that was there for her. There are no cowards there. That is another level. I will be in the heart of it somewhere soon. I think these Mic checks are a symbol of that courage, and intelligence also. Brilliant whoever crafts these things are brilliant. Keep it up.

    Agrees: whitefeather