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  • XavierOT November 2011 +1 -1

  • gott5gott5 November 2011 +1 -1
    To just congregate and talk. Formulate an action plan and implement. Baby steps are fine
  • DurandusDurandus November 2011 +1 -1
  • gott5gott5 November 2011 +1 -1
    we baby stepped into this mess ...we can baby step out
  • DurandusDurandus November 2011 +1 -1
  • gott5gott5 November 2011 +1 -1
    Durandus................are you saying I'm Occupying Occupy?
  • bnhunter December 2011 +1 -1 person to the site here...While I understand the magnitude of the issues raised by the occupy movement, I can honestly say in earnest that I don't think most of the population does. It is my belief that if they knew what the movement was pressing for in simple concise terms..the majority of this countries Americans would be on seems to me that the occupy movement is all over the map and that being in a scattered position of protest hinders the highly significant message that could be delivered. I am not being critical--just real. Maybe the occupy leadership could hold an online election to discern 3 or 4 specific platforms from which the movement could mobilize and bombard the media with a position on these 3 or 4 selected issues of protest.

    As a side note--the AARP organization has really taken a wise stance with their medicare benefits on the line by recently running ads putting politicians on notice of their strength in voting numbers--and by directing their solidarity right at the politicians running for office. Their ads say--we are 5 million strong voting Americans and we will be watching you (politicians) over the next few months and you will hear from us on election day...hence if you want to keep your job--you best be considering our desires because we are the people you represent--and we are watching.

    Occupy should take this same bold in your face voting agenda. We need short concise issues that the movement feels strongly about in solidarity to target as our platform issues for resolution.

    Example platforms:
    1) Occupy demands an immediate criminal investigation and congressional inquiry into the reasons justifying the recent us tax dollar bail outs of financial institutions
    2) Occupy demands new legislation that prohibits the --currently legal--practice of insider trading by elected officials in Congress
    3) Occupy demands immediate government pressure, transparency and accountability of all banks and financial institutions that received us tax payer bail out money to disclose how the tax payer money was used to renegotiate upside down loans for Americans facing foreclosure--with renegotiation intent on Americans keeping their homes
    4) 3% of the foreign aid budget redirected immediately to fund US infrastructure projects that create jobs for Americans.

    These are just examples!

    Next, it would be wise to bombard the media with whatever selected platforms derive so that public opinion and politicians can take sides and thus be held accountable, inspired or empowered. Lastly, the movement can be--and is--identified by the 99% population characteristic--however, we are also a remarkable voting power by our sheer numbers that if reasonably flashed in the face of politicians have the capacity to bring criminals to justice via congressional inquiry into the wall street deception and good ole boy antics. The occupy movement has this capacity! It is ripe for demanding change if simple organizational functions and leadership can focus and target. Just a thought and commentary?