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Right-wing politicians would rather reduce life on Earth than reduce corporate profits
  • SteveHeitmannSteveHeitmann November 2011 +1 -1
    The right-wing Republicans (rwGOP) are their own liability and need to assess their commitment to life.

    These dysfunctional rwGOP politicians would rather reduce the margin of life on Earth than reduce the margin of corporate profit. Their entire political agenda promotes “liberty” and deregulation to rape the planet, eliminate American rights and protections, and devolve the American Democratic Republic, by and for the people, into a plutarchy, by and for the extremely wealthy and corporations--all for limitless irresponsibility, destructiveness, power, and unbridled, greedy profiteering, without consequences. Furthermore, the rwGOP ideological agenda includes eliminating any cost unrelated to corporate profiteering--such as women’s rights, education, and teachers; eliminating anything they glibly perceive as “socialism” or “big government”, such as the EPA, DOE, Social Security and Medicare; and, by assuring that American debt and deficit, including the trade deficit, just continues to push this country into a modern dark age.

    I'm disgusted with these rwGOP louts, loons, clowns and con-artists. They have no place in elected office, although a few of them could be elected for prison terms. Vote the right-wing Republicans out of political existence.
  • MundusVultDecipiMundusVultDecipi November 2011 +1 -1
    “Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million people.”- Zbigniew Brzezinski, imperialist/globalist/war-monger, former foreign policy advisor to Obama, CFR and Trilateral Commission founder, lamenting about how the global political awakening is making it increasingly difficult to sedate/exploit the masses.
  • gavemehope November 2011 +1 -1
    MVD :-o Wow ! Cheese n bis kits. Great, watching em say it brings a little something more. Thanks for posting gonna watch more. They do not want us awake!.........sound the big alarm clock !
  • hempwise November 2011 +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    Beliefs create behaviors if you want to change the world we must work at the level of belief,what are the beliefs of the 1% that are creating our on the ground reality if you try to just change the behavior of the 1% nothing will change but if you change the beliefs that sponsored the behaviors then you create a new story,
    The time has come to write a new cultural story.

    Agrees: SteveHeitmann