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Occupy Richmond: Jurriaan, as far as our research has concluded, the four that are in jail now are the ONLY Occupy protesters in America who have been incarcerated and held without bail until their court date. The only similar cases were in Chicago, but that was for repeat offenders or offenders on parole. This is a big deal.

Chris M. Snyder: According to the Virginia Judicial website - each of the four have been charged with misdemeanor "Trespass After Forbidden" and Misdemeanor "In Park After Hours" - or a slight variation thereof. The next scheduled hearing for each is 11/21 - except for Kadrich (11/29). Mayor Jones has just protected Richmond from the threat of peaceful, non-violent protest. Hope he's proud.

Jordan Romeo: THIS IS NOT OKAY. Recent Richmond City cases where defendants were released on bail: GC11008622-00 ASSAULT & BATTERY and GC11007033-00 GRAND LARCENY. How do they compare to non-violent trespassing? Oh right. They don't.