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I mean - NONE of them? You want to vote out whoever's currently in office or in Congress, etc., but what good is it when they just pick MORE ignoramuses to take their place? That's what I see happening now. They're ALL part of the greater problem. They're ALL self-serving, greedy do-nothings.

So imagine if the entire country held a "voting strike". (Yes, I know that could never happen... there will always be those who think the ignoramuses running for office are just fine). But imagine a scenario in which, somehow, the entire country of citizens decides to just boycott the entire election.

What would happen if, on election day, NO ONE showed up at the polls? Not a single, solitary person? Do they have a contingency plan for that? What do you think they would do next? Schedule another election? Go on TV and chastise us? Call out the National Guard? Leave existing elected officials in office? Or just pick whoever THEY like, and appoint them? (Which - let's face it - is pretty much what they already do. Our votes don't really count for squat anymore, anyway - U.S. elections are pretty rigged.

Anyway, I just thought I'd put that out there. It's what I wish we could do in 2012, because I don't see a single solitary person running for office who has any leadership qualities whatsoever, just their own personal desires for personal gain. What happens to the rest of us is not their concern]]>
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A good quote
“the Constitution has been eviscerated while Democrats have stood by with nary a whimper. It is a gutless, unprincipled party, bought and paid for by the same interests that buy and pay for the Republican Party”
Rocky Anderson

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# Barkingcarpet 2011-12-27 13:05 We are all jabbering monkeys with no clear intention. All the wars, killing, and waste, are done in our names, with our money, and with our complacency.

Shame on us. We are the power, but we prefer to be entertained, and drive around consuming.

Eiesenhower nailed it with "every warship and bomb is a theft from the future and a failure."

What are we waiting for folks? It is all being done with our money, and with the blood of the future.]]>
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